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Could your business benefit from the accounting and financial advice, knowledge, and management of a CFO, but you’re not quite ready to afford the monstrous paycheck that goes with hiring one?

Our small business management services help you free up the time and focus that you need to manage your business’s core operations.  Our services offer you:

  • CFO-level management of your financial tasks and personal administrative chores
  • A single point of contact with all of your outside advisors with an emphasis on creating lifetime partnerships so you don’t have to cycle through CPAs and establish new relationships.
  • Licensed trusted advisors who are held to high ethical standards and background checks so you can feel confident your assets are safe.
  • A professional team dedicated to working together to meet your goals
  • Simple, understandable explanations of complicated financial and tax concepts so you can make informed decisions.

Trusted Advisors

With our small business management services, you will be multiplying your brain-trust of advisors who will get to know your business deeply and can advise you in areas you can’t possibly take the time to learn in-depth yourself.  It’s like expanding the brainpower that’s working to make your business succeed.

“Suzanne has been such a pleasure to work with and she’s not your typical CPA, in that she’s personable and genuinely cares about her clients. I’ve benefitted from her expertise for both my personal taxes, as well as for my small business, both of which she went above-and-beyond in order to find applicable tax breaks or deductions. Suzanne is highly affordable, diligent with her work, incredibly timely, personally interested in her clients and their good “financial health”, and she has the ability to explain complicated tax and accounting verbiage in laymen’s terms, which is a difficult skill to master. I would recommend her services to anyone, both for individual needs or for managing the increasingly intricate tax requirements for small businesses.” – Alexis Oakland

“Suzanne is my “go to” CPA for tax advice for my clients as well as my personal business. She is the first CPA I have trusted to prepare my business and personal returns. Suzanne is unlike other tax advisors I know, as she gets the big picture of finances and the personal psychology of money. She is understanding, caring and very knowledgeable. I have no hesitation referring my best clients and even family to Suzanne, knowing she’ll take good care of them.” –Russel L Phelps CFP, CDFA.

“I found Suzanne after “trying on” 4 other CPAs who, for one reason or another, didn’t fit with my needs either professionally or personally. Consequently, it was easy to recognize the many things that set Suzanne apart from all the others. She gives me a wonderful personal touch. She expresses genuine interest in my chosen profession as well as my success in it. She checks in with me occasionally throughout the year not just at tax time. She is available to answer my questions.  I enjoy and trust her skills as a CPA and appreciate the fact that she also provides business consultation services and look forward to utilizing them soon. If you are a small business owner and have felt at times overwhelmed with finding the people who will best help you to succeed you’ll understand my process and also how wonderful it is when you do find someone like Suzanne. Suzanne Conrad is an excellent business resource. She is exceptional in her work and because of that I can wholeheartedly recommend her.”  –Wendy Stedeford, MSAOM L.Ac

A Comprehensive, Customized Package of Services Just For You

Each small business management solution is customized to your individual needs.  You will select among the following services to create your ideal package:

  • Tax planning, consulting, and compliance
  • Business banking and bill pay
  • Accounting statements and budgeting
  • Loan portfolio management and credit report verification
  • Risk management including insurance advisory services
  • Wealth management including exit strategies and coordination of meetings with an outside attorney
  • Unlimited email and phone support

More Time, More Freedom, and More Peace of Mind

If you are interested in our small business management services, please contact us at Suzanne@SuzanneConradCPA.com or 916-514-5240 to set up an initial, no-obligation visit.

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