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Imagine Having an Accounting Concierge
That Takes Care of Your Financial Tasks and
Helps You Keep More of What You Make

At your level of success, you shouldn’t have to worry if a bill is paid on time, whether you did everything you could at year-end to preserve your wealth from excessive taxation, or whether the car you just bought has the right amount of insurance.  As small as these tasks are, if they are not done right, you can risk losing a chunk of the hard-earned money you’re making.

Our personal and accounting concierge services help you free up the time and focus that you need to become the best at what you do.  Our services offer you:

  • Complete discretion and confidentiality
  • CFO-level management of your financial tasks and personal administrative chores
  • A single point of contact with all of your outside advisors with an emphasis on creating lifetime partnerships so you don’t have to cycle through CPAs and establish new relationships.
  • Licensed trusted advisors who are held to high ethical standards and background checks so you can feel confident your assets are safe.
  • A professional team dedicated to working together to meet your goals
  • Simple, understandable explanations of complicated financial and tax concepts so you can make informed decisions.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Suzanne for a few years now. She has been extremely helpful in my many endeavors as a professional ballplayer and entrepreneur! Traveling throughout the season in many different cities is a nightmare to do taxes for us, but Suzanne has a real understanding and expertise with how it works! Along with my tax prep and filing she has been extremely helpful with bill pay, checking on home re-financing, making sure my insurance coverage is adequate, housing in different cities, flight/rental car bookings, and just about anything else I might have a question on she has an answer. If she doesn’t she has helped get me one through her network and referrals! It’s rare that you find a CPA that you feel comfortable with and can relate to! Suzanne has definitely been that for me and understands the areas that I’m working in now and the future!” -Micah Owings, MLB pitcher

“Suzanne Conrad was recommended to me during my search for expert advice in handling tax consequences of a complex estate inheritance for my son. I wanted someone that could relate to a young man coming into money and provide him with sound and trusted advice over the long term. Suzanne has not only expertly handled complex tax situations, but was also instrumental in helping to build a “team” of legal and financial professionals qualified to handle any financial issue my son might face now and in the future.” — Julia Newman

A Unique and Comprehensive One-Stop Shop

With our concierge services, you receive a wide array of integrated services that are not collectively offered anywhere else. Whether you have homes in multiple locations, are managing a successful business, manage inherited assets, travel frequently, or simply want to simplify your life, our concierge services can help in managing your daily affairs.

Keep as Much Control as You Desire

Our team becomes the interface between you and your vendors, creditors, merchants, and contractors.  Careful handling of all of your daily financial matters, open communication, and periodic summaries and accountings allow you to keep as much control as you wish while minimizing your time involvement.

Each solution is customized to your individual needs.  You will select among the following services to create your ideal package:

  • Tax planning, consulting, and compliance
  • Personal assistance including relocation, utilities, correspondence
  • Personal banking and bill pay
  • Lifestyle including major purchases of cars, jewelry
  • Accounting statements and budgeting
  • Loan portfolio management and credit report verification
  • Risk management including insurance advisory services
  • Wealth management including estate planning and coordination of meetings with an outside attorney
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Read how concierge accounting services hit a home run for home finances in this baseball pro’s family.


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    Imagine having your very own accounting concierge that handles all of your accounting tasks for you and even helps you keep more of what you make.
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